About the Queen Bee

Being artistic and creative naturally comes to me. Most likely stems from my mother, who had to be creative raising my sister, brother, and myself on a shoe-string budget, from the support of faithful sponsors, especially after my father passed away at age 2 and a half. She instilled in me from an early age to document life through expressing it in writing and showcasing the stories by film. She taught us to find beauty in the little things in life and make the most of our quality time because that is where our true memories lie.

I have always loved photographing things and people but when i truly started pursuing photography was a few years into my marriage, while running a bridal consulting business in kirkland, wa. I loved to scrapbook so i wanted good pictures to scrap! ;)

The current sales and marketing manager for a family owned photography business up in bothell, wa. Met me and thought i would be a perfect canidate to replace her so she introduced me to the owner of christophoto, chris wartes. He agreed with her because he saw potential in me and a eagerness to learn. While i was in this position, the wedding bookings grew rapidly and created a need for additional photographers. Chris wartes, noticing my eye for photography and originally allowing me to come along to photograph in just black and white film at a few weddings and capture more of the candid, photojournalistic shots. When he realized that a lot of the brides and grooms where choosing a lot of my images to put into their wedding albums and a couple of my pictures made it into the seattle area bridal directory, chris took me under his wing to teach me the proper lighting, settings on my camera and how to achieve a good result almost everytime. He provided educational experiences for me under the most recognizable photographers in the seattle area . He signed me up for the ppo and ppw to represent the company and get more training. I learned a lot during that time and i will be forever grateful for his leadership and hands-on experience.

I “retired” from christophoto right before the birth of my firstborn son, riley, in 2000. At this time i branched off into my own business doing mostly senior portraits and a few weddings. I stayed as busy as desired just off word of mouth recommendations.

After the birth of our second child, mckatelyn, our growing family moved to oregon for my husband’s work, and to be closer to both sets of grandparents. I went right to work establishing my photography business and creating a new client base. My main focus was still weddings and seniors, but i took opportunity to reach into new avenues of photography such as rotc ball pictures at the corvallis country club, santa pictures at the kings circle assemby’s annual christmas bazaar, family portrait session for various family in numerous places, engagement session all over oregon, boudoir photography, people with their pets, christmas portraits….

We moved again for my husband’s new job to indiana in february 2011. We decided it would be best to put my photography business on hold for a year or so to get our family established since we really didn’t know anyone around here. I slowly started getting back in about a year ago photographing classic cars (which i absolutely love to do) and professional headshots of people i started networking with at various groups i received invitations to join, after seeing the kind of work i could produce, they started referring me to their family, friends and other business professionals. On halloween night, this last year, i opened my studio doors up for business at the large, green victorian house on conner street here in noblesville, indiana.

It has been amazing the opportunities i have been given by meeting the right people at the right time. My work has already been published a few months in a row and my business has gotten on the cover of the zionsville magazine for doing the shoot with “the dunking dutchman” and his 7 foot tall son who is a junior now and plays basketball for zionsville high school. I have been branching out to do more commerical work and events like daddy/ daughter dances, galas, parks and recreational events….can hardly wait to see what the future holds for me next. :)